Flutter on the Texas Instruments AM6254

Apr 14, 2023


To demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter on the Texas Instruments AM6254, KDAB engineers developed a modern material 3 demo application for the SoC(system on a chip) that was shown at Embedded World 2023.

Texas Instruments worked alongside KDAB to demonstrate the implementation of Flutter on their hardware, specifically the AM6254 board. It was decided to use flutter-pi as a starting point for running Flutter, since it was already working on the arm64 architecture. Only a small modification of the way flutter-pi interfaced with the Direct Rendering Manager was required to get it to run on the board.

After the initial implementation, a performance issue was found, stemming from the fact that Skia (the graphics library used by Flutter) was enabling some workarounds for PowerVR rouge GPUs, which were not required with the AXE-1-16M GPU on board the AM6254. After fixing these issues, KDAB was able to significantly improve the graphics performance showing up to 60 fps.

Read the full blog on ti.com

2 comments on "Flutter on the Texas Instruments AM6254"

Joshua Davis

Jun 30, 2023, 6:15 PM

What is the point of the meta-flutter layer? Does it build the libflutter_engine.so or not? If I need to build the libflutter_engine.so myself, why do I need this meta-flutter layer? (sony's or toyota's) Thanks, -J


Jul 3, 2023, 4:03 PM

The meta-flutter layer builds libflutter_engine.so, but it also builds the 3rd party embedder, be it "flutter-auto", "ivi-homescreen" or "flutter-pi" or any other embedder. The meta-flutter layer just makes it easy to add flutter to your yocto build. You also might look the toyota meta-flutter layer (or this downstream fork: https://github.com/ardera/meta-flutter) because the Sony layer only supports Sony's embedder.

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