Flutter on Torizon - A PoC Setup for i.MX 8M Plus

Mar 7, 2023


For some time already, Flutter has been quite successful as a native HMI and Application technology on the Web, Mobile Phones, and even for Desktop. Developers love the programming language, its performance, and the outstanding feature richness (e.g., the ability to create performant and custom animations of any complexity). It is extensively used by Google internally. Moreover, with its attractive BSD license, it has been used by many independent software development vendors meanwhile.

Embedded Systems are not yet officially supported although we have seen activities (e.g., Sony and Canonical) promoting Flutter as a viable option in the embedded space. (NOTE: since the publication of th original blog post, support for embedded systems has been added to Flutter LINK)

But there is nothing like making your own experience on technology to understand the capabilities and boundaries. Crossware, as a Toradex partner, decided to invest in a Flutter PoC on a i.MX 8M Plus and use a Torizon container.

We have gone through the exercise and would like to share the experience we had and some observations:

  • We will describe the Flutter Architecture for a basic understanding of the technology
  • We will show you how to create a Flutter Application Bundle for our Internet Music Player Demo
  • Then we will describe steps to containerize the Application Bundle including all steps to get Torizon on i.MX 8M Plus running

We have added the details in specific sections and a link to the sources so you can easily create a similar setup.

Read the complete original blog post from March 2022 on https://www.toradex.com/de/blog/flutter-on-torizon-a-poc-setup-for-imx8m-plus

Flutter Architecture

Flutter Architecture

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