Join us at Fluttercon 2024 in Berlin!

3rd-5th July 2024

Jun 12, 2024

Sebastian Springer

As an event dedicated to everything around Flutter, Fluttercon 2024 serves as a gathering for developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts who are passionate about Flutter and its applications across various platforms. What sets Fluttercon apart is its focus on fostering a vibrant community around Flutter, providing a platform to share knowledge, showcasing the latest developments and innovations, and offering opportunities for networking and collaboration.

If you are particularly interested in the use of Flutter on embedded or desktop, visit our booth to engage with our experts and have a look at our demos. Additionally, don't miss our workshop designed to take your Flutter skills on embedded to the next level.

Our Workshop at Fluttercon 2024

Unleash the power of Flutter for embedded devices. Join Pieter, Werner and Hannes as they explore the current state of Flutter on embedded devices, and buckle up for a crash course that starts off with the basics and ramps up to native OpenGL integration with platform channels.

What you will take away

  • Get a grounding in flutter-pi.
  • Learn about the basics of Flutter on embedded devices.
  • Be equipped with the basic knowledge needed to go and experiment with Flutter on embedded devices yourself.
  • How to communicate with external peripherals (using protocols such as I2C, GPIO, PWM and CANbus)
  • Be inspired to create bespoke user interfaces for embedded devices using Flutter.
  • Explore some more advanced techniques used in our star navigator demo.

Overview about our Demos

3D Embedded Interstellar Navigation Interface

Flutter on embedded hardware using flutter-pi and CAN-Bus integration

To demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter on embedded systems, we developed an interstellar navigation interface featuring:

  • Smooth 3D components running at 60fps.
  • Physical buttons connected via CAN-Bus (CANopen).
  • Built with flutter-pi and Yocto/meta-flutter.
  • Running on Toradex Verdin AM62 hardware (4x Cortex-A53, 2GB RAM, PowerVR AXE-1-16M GPU).

Flutter on Texas Instruments AM6254

Experience Flutter running on the Texas Instruments AM6254 with:

  • Optimized graphics performance up to 60fps.
  • Low power consumption hardware.
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 with GPU.
  • Built with flutter-pi and Yocto/meta-flutter.

For more information about the event, visit Fluttercon 2024. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

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